Increasing Employee Interest of Financial Literacy at AMS Elite Solutions

Just as French is considered the language of love, financials are considered the language of business. There’s rhythm, passion and although not everyone knows these languages, there’s a general understanding of them. Today, we are focusing on how we teach financial literacy in our business and how this helps you (the people we work with and our customers)!

Our entire team spent last Thursday and Friday in a two-day financial literacy training. Every employee was trained on how to think like an owner.

Each employee will be looking at their day-to-day activities and how the activities related to numbers that affected the success of the business.

They will be looking at the business itself. Since we recently onboard new employees, we are looking at how our company makes money, where our company is heading in the new year and how these numbers affect both our current and future business decisions?

Lastly, they explored how each employee can make a difference. What is each person doing in their positions and what are their responsibilities that influence the financial outcomes of the business?

The more we are able to focus on our numbers, the more services we can offer to the contractors in our field as well as expand into others.

The financial literacy training was all about improving the financial literacy of each employee while also making them aware of how their actions affect the bigger picture of the business. The future training sessions will help promote engagement and accountability from the top to the bottom of the organization while also reinforcing our seven core values.

This training last week focused on three of our core values: Business Expert and Industry Influencer, E3: Excellence, Efficiency, and Effectiveness, and Work Smart and Have Fun.

Stay tuned to find out what big moves we will be making in 2020.

To learn more about this topic in general, check out The Great Game of Business’s blogs on Financial Literacy.

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