BOOsting Employee Spirits and Moral on Halloween

It’s hard to ignore Halloween, both inside and outside of the office. Each year, the AMS office brings to life the spirit of Halloween. Spider webs spin their way into the corners of the rooms, pumpkins pile up on the conference tables, and candy creeps up on our desks.

Outside the office, staff members scrambled to get costumes together for their families or deck out their houses in Halloween decor. All the while, Julie Savitt, the President of AMS, concocts a witching brew of team building activities to embody the Halloween spirit.

Some games will bring out terror, some will bring out fright, but despite all this, the AMS staff gets through them all with glee and delight. Below are the team building activities that were used this year.

Part of AMS Staff Pictured around Conference Table eating Lunch

1. Apple Stacking (a nice alternative to Bobbing for Apples): Here, each player must stack five apples on a table AND the stack must stand for at least 5 seconds on its own.

2. Apple in the Bucket: Here, the office staff is divided into two teams. Each team lines up behind a white line. There is a barrel full of apples at one end of each team’s line, and an empty barrel at the other end of the line. On the go signal, the players puts the apples in-between their legs and moves as fast as they can to the empty bucket. Once at the empty bucket, the player drops the apple inside and then runs back to the back of the line. The team who gets the most apples inside the bucket by the end of the designated time wins. This game focuses on communication.

3. T-Shirt Relay Game: The office is again broken up into two teams. Each team lines up in a single file. A shirt is given to the first person of each line. On the ‘Go’ signal, the players puts the shirt on and then holds hands with the next player in line. The two players need to be facing each other. All the other players on the team help work the shift from player one to player two. Once the shirt is on player two, player two turns to face player three. They hold their hands together while the other players help move the shirt from one player to the next. This goes on until the shirt goes down the line until the shirt is back on the first player. This game focuses on teamwork as everyone of the players are involved in the activity the whole time.

Of course no Halloween would be complete without a catered lunch and goody bags. So don’t worry, those were both taken care of!

What does your office do to get in the spirit of Halloween? If you do use team building activities in the office, what are they? Comment below.

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