Green Business League's "Green Business of the Year"

Chicago, IL - Julie Savitt, President of AMS Earth Movers, earned the Green Business League's "Green Business of the Year" award at the organization's annual meeting. Her accomplishment is unique for a hauling company - as she operates in the trucking industry - not typically considered environmentally progressive. Savitt was committed from the start to making meaningful and sustainable improvements. Aided by Certified Green Consultant Kaye Kharasch, owner of Green Building Connections, the two worked on several operational components of the company. Armed with a strategic plan, AMS converted their trucks to biodiesel, installed non-idling microchips into the trucks, and even used recycled window washing fluid. By implementing advanced software that efficiently routes her drivers, AMS reduces fuel consumption and reduces wear-and-tear on the equipment. Through the reuse and recycling of loads, there are fewer trips to the landfill and an elimination of unnecessary dumping fees. "Green business is great for our bottom line," declares Savitt.

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