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  • Access to our app- Calculators to determine the federal bridge formulas as well as fines for violating weight laws in Illinois.

    • Interactive flowcharts to help you determine when a CDL, Safety test, or IFTA will be necessary. 

    • 40 standards of practice which help break down Illinois laws and help you to understand how to apply them. 

    • Case laws that pertain to Illinois trucking. 


  • Review of traffic citations. 

    • A sworn officer will discuss the citation, how prevent it in the future and how to handle the ticket in court. 

  • Proactive answers to your questions. 

    • Before you make that move, you can reach out to the ITEA and ensure that you are following all applicable laws. 

    • The ITEA will assist you with any oversize/overweight permit move questions you may have. 

  • A simpler way to reach out to other state and federal agencies. 

    • Through our years we have been able to establish contact with state agencies to help get you answers quicker. 

FMCSA questions answered by those who enforce the federal regulations



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