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Trucking by flatbed, lowboy and dump


AMS Elite Solutions was founded and operates on one simple premise: to serve the industry with semi hauling and material, safely, thoroughly, appropriately, efficiently and for the most value-added competitive price.

Safety is always our first priority. Staff and drivers are trained and certified by OSHA in the appropriate safety regulations and precautions pertaining to their jobs. As a result, AMS Elite Solutions has a low EMR Safety Rating of 0.82, as of 2017.

Thorough and Complete is what you can expect with every job we perform and every order you place with AMS Elite Solutions. Our full-time staff of drivers, customer service reps and bookkeepers are devoted to meeting this claim. We support their efforts by maintaining, a large, diverse fleet of semi trucks that includes an assortment of tractors, dump trailers, flatbeds, a lowboy and Komatsu rubber wheel loader. We augment our hauling capacity with a network of independent semi haulers whom we have a long standing relationship with.

Appropriate implies that the action is going to meet the unique circumstance. And that’s exactly what we do when transporting oversized, overweight and hard-to-handle loads. Our management staff has experience in hauling logistics planning and implementation. In fact, AMS Elite Solutions has become an expert in hauling logistics.

Efficiency is a byproduct of skill, experience, and using the right equipment for the job. It’s why at AMS Elite Solutions we’re committed to maintaining experienced staff, with years of experience in the construction industry, and continuing their education with specific job-related training. It’s why we maintain a large, diverse fleet of trucks. It’s also the reason we can offer the most competitive prices; because efficiency saves time, and that translates into cost savings, which we pass on to you.

Value-Added refers to the services and benefits a company provides that are above and beyond the cost of the services and products, and the expectations of its customers at AMS Elite Solutions. This is what we call customer service. It is an integral part of what we do. For example, our diligent customer response operation exists for this company as much as it does our customers. We want to know if you’re having a problem, need emergency service, or supplies in a hurry. We are here to serve you, and as part of the team, what matters to you, matters to us.

• Large, Diverse Fleet of Trucks
• Superior Logistics Experience
• Dependable, Reliable, On-Time Service
• Government Compliance Experts
• Prompt, Accurate Billing
• Industry Resource

Vertical, horizontal and subsurface construction projects are almost always challenged by the need to transport materials and equipment. AMS offers strategic methods for transporting Oversized, Overweight, and Hard-to-Handle Loads. It takes an exceptional hauling service to meet this demand. One with a large, diverse fleet of trucks and a team of loyal workers, skilled and experienced in operating a range of trucks, is still not enough. The company that can successfully meet this challenge must also have the grit to complete the work, on-time or ahead of schedule, and the wit to plot a course of action that is best for the task at-hand. AMS Solutions is one of a very few companies with the wherewithal to meet this tall order, and the only one committed to beat the others with the most value-added competitive price.

AMS Elite Solution’s status as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) is yet another example of value-added. Diversity breeds new ideas, and improves local economies. Government entities, on all levels, are providing contract incentives to encourage prime contractors to work with them to realize the benefits that diversity breeds. AMS Elite Solutions is committed to this initiative as well. In fact, it aligns with our core values for eliminating discrimination and empowering people of all races, creeds and colors, with job training and career opportunities. We are an equal opportunity employer and proud to present a highly skilled, ethnically diversified staff of women and men.

So, whether its hauling or aggregate supplies that you need, AMS Elite Solutions has the experience, the capacity, and the commitment to respond to your request.

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